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"Ugly truth"

It’s such a simple question but before you ask it are you really ready for the answer? 

There is a distinct chance that the answer might be brutally harsh and not exactly what you would wish to hear. Then again it could be that you’re after self-adulation or some other kind of accolade.

Consider these three questions:

  1. Does it matter what your website looks like?
  2. Should you believe what you hear?
  3. Is there anything you can do?

Yes is the simple answer. Looks count – so of course it matters what your website says about you and your business. Is the message your website portrays correct?

Consider congruence. Yes I know it’s a big 'grown up' word but is your website suitable for its intended purpose or the demographic it’s aimed at? If you are aiming to sell or promote high end products and services to clients with more disposable income, then your website should look suitably professional with a well thought out structure, with a high quality look and feel. At the other end of the spectrum - a cheap looking, perhaps homemade, poor excuse for a website is unlikely to engage the same intended audience. But looks aren’t always everything.

Quite often your actual clients, perhaps even close family and friends, will compliment you on your website – but they’re not the ones who necessarily matter! They might be basing their feedback on their relationship with you and / or your business. If that relationship is strong, they might feel duty bound not to insult your site, or perhaps find it difficult to say what they really think. If you already have them as a client your site may simply be immaterial as to whether or not they continue using your product or service. 

So go back to basics and ask yourself if your website is doing what you intended it to do! Don’t forget that the initial requirement may have changed – and if it has, has your website?

It is often pointless simply having a pretty website if it does not deliver. Similarly a website can be less attractive and un-inviting yet works. More often this is due to having strong, relevant content. Though again it’s worth considering whether your site works for you’re existing client base rather than having the ability to grow it! Still think that compliments from your existing customers are 100% relevant?

So what can you do? I would suggest you try to get an independent review. Though please remember that not all web designers we’re created equal. Just because one does not like your existing site does not mean it’s time for a re-design. Hopefully your web designer will ask the right questions. These are: what do you want your website to do? What are your core products and services? What do you want visitors to your site to do next? The answers to these and similar questions can help determine if your site is suitable or not for it’s intended purpose – it’s personal choice as to what is considered ugly.

The Web Studio will ask leading questions such as these. In fact we don’t believe we can offer an accurate review until we know purpose of your website. So go back and consider these questions and if you would like our assistance then please get in touch and put us to the test.

If we can help your business we will, but if we don’t feel we can – we will kindly steer you in the right direction.

The truth is not always kind – but it is most certainly relevant to the success of your business.

Many thanks,

David Bellin

The Web Studio
0161 883 0308